Bakery & Pantry

Bakery & Pantry

Known far and wide for our fresh daily buttermilk biscuits and Country Loaf, Edible Matters also makes Sourdough (from our in house starter) and Gluten Free bread along with a revolving list of  specialty breads.

We also feature an extensive selection of cookies, brownies, squares, cinnamon rolls and macarons.

Our Pantry contains a wide variety of take home meals – hand made with no preservatives. Lasagna, shepherd’s pie, salads, stews… check out our Facebook page for “What’s In The Fridge,” a daily update of what we’ve made today.

Our Pantry also features a growing selection of jams, jellies and customized tea blends. Watch for our ever growing selection of goodies and gadgets to enhance your kitchen!
Our newest product: Seedlip Non Alcoholic Distilled Spirits! 

Daily Bread Schedule

Monday: Country Loaf

Tuesday: Multigrain & Gluten Free

Wednesday: Molasses Brown

Thursday: Cinnamon Raisin & Gluten Free

Friday: Multigrain

Saturday: Molasses Brown & Gluten Free

Sunday: Gluten Free

We make our Country Loaf and Sour Dough every day!


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  1. Frank Ferguson

    We are from New Brunswick and I am celiac. I just had the opportunity to try some of your GF sourdough bread and I have to say that it is far and away the BEST GF bread I have ever had. Had I not been told that it was GF, I would have said that it was VERY good sourdough bread. Sadly, we go back to NB tomorrow (Monday) and learned that you are closed. We will most certainly stock up our next time in the area. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Judy

    The food you serve is NEVER a disappointment. I have tried many items on your menu without fail they have all been delicious and you can taste they are made with the freshest herbs and ingredients. Your breakfast today was absolutely delicious, the potatoes melted in your mouth the bacon was excellent along with eggs. I have eaten there on several occasions for a very long time now and have to say it is one of my favourite places to eat. I would rate you a 10 out of a 10 Thank You!!
    1got to say it is one of my favourite spots. Your restaurant and pub rate at the very top for me

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