Edible Matters creates an approachable, honest food experience using high standards in product, training, and service.  Our goal is providing responsibly sourced meals to the community and to be a leader and innovator in a new emerging Nova Scotia food scene.  We want to push your boundaries and create new comforts, while providing variations of the comfort foods we have grown to love. We are unique in experience and delivery of our product, while consciously choosing local and seasonal quality farmed products whenever possible.

We very consciously chose the name of our brand from the outset.  If it matters to our customers, it matters to EM.  People are looking for quality food to feed their families and now many like to know where their food is coming from.  We make it a priority to buy local and this way we help support our local economy and can provide fresh quality meats and vegetables. Our open kitchen allows the public to see how we prepare almost every item on the menu from scratch and allows our kitchen staff to show off their trade.

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